Thirty Seven Wood Fired Grill & Bar


Duc Tran from Mango Mango and Ben Attwater team up to create a unique family style dining experience centered around the age old tradition of wood fired cooking. Click on the buttons below to view our menus


Hội An’s Original Wood Fired Kitchen. Cooking on the coals of coffee and cashew woods in the heart of our Cuisine.

Utilising different cooking methods from direct grilling, smoking, slow burning wood fired oven and open Asado style fire pit.


With a strong focus on craft cocktails BAR THIRTYSEVEN is one of the few cocktail bars in Hội An.

The Bartender is the star attraction here, serving a selection of perfectly mixed classic cocktails and some interesting “Bartenders Selections”. An intimate and cozy space, utilizing local ingredients with premium spirits, your experience here will be unforgettable. If its not on the menu, the bar team are more than capable of crafting a cocktail to your taste.


With more than 60 labels of premium wine from old world to new. ThirtySeven has quickly shown that its collection is one to be reckoned with.

A beautiful wine cellar showcases the stunning bottles. Whether you enjoy a nice Chardonnary or a robust Bordeaux, we have you covered.


We do whiskey right, served with one of our Cuban cigars, you’re sure to be in your happy place in no time.

We absolutely love whiskey here at ThirtySeven and it shows through our collection of the very best: Hibiki, McAllen 18, Glenfiddich, & Laphroaig can quickly be poured over ice to warm you up.


A place to enjoy your favorite Cuban cigars and a whisky in old Hội An ancient town.

Located in the premier Hoi An dining destination, THIRTYSEVEN, we offer a large selection of authentic Cuban cigars, whiskies and rums from around the world. Open to everyone, not exclusively to cigar lovers, as the concept brings something for everyone: food, wine, cocktails, and, of course, whiskies, and cigars! We are your destination for authentic “xì gà” in Hội An. Have a special event in Hội An? We also offer takeaway packaging and carry a range of cigar accessories such as lighters and cutters.

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