Our Story

Duc Tran from Mango Mango and Ben Attwater team up to create a unique family style dining experience centered around the age old tradition of wood fired cooking.

​THIRTYSEVEN WOODFIRED GRILL + BAR is an experience that begins not in the kitchen, but in the fields, mountains and sea that surround Hội An.

Our Chefs

With more than 3 decades of experience and multiple world-class restaurants under their belts, our chefs have traveled the world over to bring you their experiences and flavors that are both intricate and balanced. If you’re looking for a plate that has passion behind it, you will be delighted once you’re here.

Our Ingredients

The flavors at ThirtySeven Woodfired Grill + Bar incorporate ingredients and local inspiration giving a unique flavor and a connection to the local farmers and providers

Our Cooking

Hoi An’s original wood-fired kitchen, cooking on the coals of coffee and cashew wood. The heart of ThirtySeven cuisine.

One of the best places to eat in Hoi An. ThirtySeven offers a range of premium imported steaks and local seafood.

Utilizing different cooking methods from direct grilling, smoking, a slow-burning wood-fired oven and an open asado style fire-pit.

THIRTYSEVEN WOODFIRED GRILL + BAR is an experience you will never forget.



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